Case Study

MY Tahilla 

One-off 60ft Ketch built by John I Thornycroft & Company Ltd 1922. Dunkirk Little Ship, follow for more detailed information on the refit and Tahilla’s history.

Tahilla Refit project 2020 – 2022:

  • Replacement of centreline frames and floors fwd of the engine room bulkhead. 80% were replaced in total.
  • Complete replacement of the inner and outer stem all the way down to the wood keel.
  • Replacement bronze keel bolts where original iron and subsequent stainless keel bolts needed replacing due to corrosion.
  • Replacement of the entire foredeck complete with a new sub-deck structure adding significant strength to further support the original structure.
  • Replacement 12ft section of the aft wood keel (part of the post-1940 Dunkirk damage), which joins with the original green heart wood keel.
  • Revised engineering plumbing systems for the black holding tanks, engine and generator cooling and air conditioning cooling.
  • Revising key electrical / wiring systems in the bilge to modern standards.
  • Adding an oak doubler or short ‘Keelson’ timber to brace historic damage found in her centreline structure between the Battery Room and Engine Rooms.
  • Installation of 630ah Lithium Ion Po4 battery bank in a new location fwd of the engine room.

Watch the video of the new rudder:

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