Case Study

260t Marine WISE Boat Hoist Portland

The Request

As the WISE agent, Willett Built was asked to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the W260t marine WISE boat hoist in Portland.

The Customer – Sunseeker International, wanted to give their 2nd largest WISE Hoist a new lease of life to continue supporting their growing business.

The Results

Portland is a very picturesque place in the right weather – but when the weather is against you – it is a harsh environment for equipment to be left in.

Years of exposure had taken its toll on the W260 Hoist’s condition – mainly paintwork and corrosion-related damage.

The Recommendation

  • Replace all hard corroding pipework, and all flexible hoses to be replaced.
  • Replace corrosion-damaged hydraulic rams on the top of the machine – renovate the steering rams.
  • Paint the entire Steel framework.
  • Replace the engine for new and replace the Hydraulic and Diesel Tanks.

The Approach

The Size of this machine is fantastic – everything is BIG – the wheels and tyres are well over 1000kgs each.

It was clear that logistics and the movement of parts could be very costly, so a more localised approach succeeded in the initial idea to take the hoist away for refurbishment.

The hoist was planned to be taken out of commission during the summer months to enable the work to happen onsite at Osprey Quay. Our team would relocate (when required) to Portland for concentrated work periods in and around the painting programme – which was contracted out to a local company. 

The Takedown

Our WISE Team partnered up with Ainscough Cranes for the takedown. Ainscough is the in-house crane company choice of Sunseeker International and was the crane hire team that assisted in assembling this Hoist at Osprey Quay.

With Jazz from Ainscough running the hoist Operations, The WISE team could prepare each frame section for removal – starting with the top longitudinals, then the real columns and finally the ‘Goal posts’. The wheel sets were left on the lower beams. The engine canopy was removed and taken back to our works at Southampton.

With the hoist in parts blocked off on the ground – the WISE team removed all the hard pipework and flexible hoses leaving the bare frame ready for painting.  

The Rebuild

With the frame benefiting from a fresh coat of paint – our WISE team returned to Portland to fit the new stainless hard pipework that had been supplied and assembled at the WISE Factory.

The new Flexible hydraulic hoses were connected. It was then time for Jazz and the Ainscough team to return and again assist the WISE team with rebuilding the W260 Hoist.

Rebuild is the reverse of the takedown. Standard practice is that every machine being built must have a new set of frame bolts – no exceptions! The Engine Canopy was reunited with the hoist.

The Commissioning

Final tweaks and connections were then made before 400lts of new hydraulic oil was added, and the W260 could be run up for testing and commissioning.

At this time, it was decided to replace the engine for new as well as fitting new hydraulic oil and diesel tanks.

The Summary:

  • Engineering undertaken onsite by WISE Agent – Willett Built
  • New RAMS for Trollies
  • Renovated Rams for Steering
  • Upgraded to Stainless PipeworkNew Flexible Hydraulic Hoses
  • New Engine and Tanks fitted (by Mechanical Services Ltd Portland)

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